Teeth Whitening

Even if white teeth do not mean one is healthy, the bigger percentage demonstrates well-being of an individual. The biggest percentage of patients in search for dental health care are not only looking to be treated but after Teeth Whitening. What does this mean? A smile is a key to many things, and so should you make yours count.

What Exactly is Teeth Whitening?

The other name for Teeth Whitening is Dental Bleaching method normally involves clearing any formation on top of the teeth to make it white or appear natural. So, your teeth have most probably seen whiter days if you smoke, love taking coffee, tea, have natural discoloration, and you have a love for soft drinks. Teeth whitening can be done by a dentist but it is more common with cosmetic dentistry.

What is The Process Involved in Teeth Whitening

Some patients ignore coming to the clinic to have a proper Teeth Whitening carried by professionals, and rather prefer home treatment which in return can have a negative impact if improperly done. For instance, our dentist will consider performing a dental examination to see whether there can be any effect before the process is started. In oral health care any dentistry issue from a medical perspective should never be rushed until all avenues that can stop the process are cleared and considered not threatening to any tooth.

The process of Teeth Whitening may take a single visit to the dentist and the procedure ends. For a single visit, teeth whitening procedure is the one many patients prefer because of the simple process involved and it is cost friendly. Thanks to technology, nowadays you can have even approximately eight shades and your mouth is all smiles. This procedure is effective and can take you for a long time without seeing any effects. The other method is a little bit tedious, though not when going through the procedure, the time you will have to wait before the process is finalized.

It can stretch even 3 consecutive days. The first involves cleaning and taking your teeth impressions. The second day requires you to be fitted with specially designed trays that are supposed to be placed in your mouth and stay with them for the next fourteen days. The third and the last appointment involves going through “laser” (light whitening) and from there you can comfortably afford to drop smiles at your loved ones and friends naturally.

How You Can Maintain Your New Look After Teeth Whitening

Basically, it is to follow the dentist advice or the general procedure known to everyone, about oral health care discipline to adopt.

  • Keeping your mouth clean especially after every meal
  • Avoiding too many caffeinated drinks if you cannot stop altogether
  • If you smoke, then your new look may not last for long, however, you may try to reduce your intake or stop smoking completely
  • If your teeth color are due to water having a certain concentration, then you may consider moving out because this happens in some regions
  • Some drugs are believed to be another cause of teeth stains and once you identify what they are, then embrace your oral health care and leave drugs alone.
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